My name is Alon, and I was born December 30, 2007. Welcome to my online spot!

Raigambre is a Spanish word that refers to the collection of roots of a tree, a sense of place, origin. It is how we think of our family. We – Alon, Tirza, and Chris – are growing and evolving as a family. I am seeing all of these things for the first time, and this blog is about how I see the world.

For more on the activities of Chris and Tirza, see their professional side at ifPeople and Inspiring Futures, and their personal side at Nomads Lounge.


  1. Dear Alon,
    It was so wonderful to see your pictures. I can hardly wait to meet you!
    Auntie Phyllis

  2. Dear Alon,
    I check you blog daily if not several times a day just to look at you. As my good friend Flo says you are just delicious. I talk with you mom so I can hear you. I think your feet are wonderful also
    Love Bubbie Rochelle

  3. Hey Alon,

    this blog is just the cutest ever!!! I love it – life from the world of baby 🙂

    So Alon I’m making a playmate for you here in Dominica – come and visit when you can!



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