Posted by: CJ | November 11, 2012

Halloween Ninja

For Halloween, I dressed up as a ninja. My papa helped me with a ninja hood and we dressed up together and went trick-or-treating in two different places. First, we went out in our neighborhood. We walked down the bustling Clement St and visited many shops that were handing out treats and goodies to kids. The shop keepers were very nice and happy to see us dressed up and coming by, even as it started to get foggy.

We also went by the Kung Fu academy in the neighborhood. This is where I took a trial class and would like to study Kung Fu (check out my video and fundraiser for my classes on Indiegogo). And they were giving out a free week of Kung Fu! This is great since my fundraiser doesn’t wrap up for a while, it gives me a chance to get started sooner.

After we got back, I counted the treats from our first outing and then we went to another place for trick-or-treating! My friend Lucas was also a ninja for Halloween. Papa and I went with Lucas’s family to another neighborhood and got LOTS more candy. It was also raining at this point so we also got wet!

I came home and counted my candy again – this time up to 45 different pieces! I had fun sorting them by color and learning about what they are.


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