Posted by: CJ | October 3, 2012

San Francisco Adventures: Festival with Balloons and Monkey Bars

Last weekend, my papa wanted to go to a festival called Art in Nature. It sounded OK, but I wasn’t too convinced. When we go there, we walked through the Dragon Gate to get into the festival. That was pretty cool. There were trails through the forest of redwood trees where people built temporary sculptures out of sticks, ice blocks and other materials. We had a snack in the forest and then walked a bit more. I found a slack line strung between two trees where I got to go and practice my balance. After that, I had another snack. And then we went to the playground!

I love playgrounds, especially with equipment. I ran around and played and then my papa helped me with the monkey bars. I could only do two bars then. After the playground we went to look for other things that would be fun for me to do. And we found balloons! Nobody told me that there was going to be balloons! I love balloons.

I stood in line with my papa until I finally got to the front of the line and met Magic Dante. He made amazing creatures for the other kids – a dragon, a goose, and a giraffe! He asked me what I wanted and I told him I wanted a sword! I got to pick the color and if it had a belt and he quickly made it for me.

When it was done I was SO excited I could hardly stand it (I even let my papa take my picture!). The silver sword was just the right size for me and fit into a black belt. I headed back to the playground with my sword.

This time when I went back to the playground, it felt different. I went and did the monkey bars all by myself. I made it part way across but I went back and did it again and again. And after a few tries, I made it all the way across by myself!

I did the monkey bars many more times that day and I’ve even tried monkey bars at other parks since then. It feels great in my body to be able to do them all by myself. Like my papa, I’m a monkey!

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