Posted by: CJ | October 1, 2012

San Francisco Adventures: Superhero Street Fair

At first I was sad about being in San Francisco, since I don’t know many people. But my parents are helping me find new friends and take me on fun adventures! Last weekend, I went to the Superhero Street Fair. I’ve never seen so many superheroes in one place! It was really exciting. I saw robots, batman, catwoman, and all kinds of superheroes I’d never seen before!

My papa and I went in green and used our super powers for good – vision, flying, seeing in the dark, and warding off people with cameras. We did let our friend Heather take one good picture of us using our super-powers.

I was so excited to be at the fair that I was jumping up and down! I can’t wait for the street fair to come back next year and to spend more time checking out the fun things to play on there!

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