Posted by: CJ | September 30, 2012

New Era of Life: Allowance

My family’s been busy lately and hasn’t blogged a lot. I’m now in school in California, my third year of Montessori education, and getting used to new friends, city, and parks here. As I get older, I’m also learning LOTS of new things! While it’s been a long time since updating stories here….we’re back!

In coming to California, I learned about the importance of money to purchase things. I started to see things I wanted to buy plus wanted to understand how my parents got things in the world. My parents decided I was ready to start earning an allowance for doing my chores. It’s so exciting to be able to start getting money and using it!

Each day I have responsibilities in the morning, in the afternoon, and before bed that help me keep my room and body clean. I also earn allowance for making my bed and for completing an enrichment activity each day. I was already used to keeping my room clean, brushing my teeth and the like, but now I’ve got the added incentive to do these things.

In learning about my allowance, I’ve also gotten into lots of learning about math and money. My papa has been working with me each evening to help me learn how it all works. So far, I’ve gotten lessons on:

  • The different coins and what they are worth
  • Cents and dollars
  • How to add up coins
  • How to add up small bits of money to make more moeny

I’m quickly learning and loving both the math and money lessons! I even used my own money to buy a toy I wanted. I worked with Papa to add up the bills and coins I had until I had the $5 to buy the toy. I was so excited that I wanted to mark the lesson (you can see where I wrote “How to make $5” with Papa’s help in the picture below).

Later I used the same skills I practiced to make $5 to add up the money in my savings. This is great practice for me!

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