Posted by: CJ | April 19, 2010

School Week 4/12

Hello Parents, We had a really great week. I was so nervous considering the week long break but everyone seemed to transition right back into our routines. There is a lot of news so I hope this email doesn’t seem too disorganized. We are supposed to be getting our own chickens tomorrow (Sunday). It is hard for our class to take walks to the farm as often as I would like so why not bring some of the farm to us? The children will be responsible for feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs. If you need an idea for an outdoor activity, try having your toddler dig for worms to feed the chickens. We will still take our occasional walks to the farm for exercise. We will also be getting goats soon. Brandi has rescued two male goats so as soon as we can build an enclosure they will be at our school (sometime next week). We made it down to the farm on Friday. That was very exciting for the kids. We will let you know when we go down there so that you can prepare yourselves for tired kiddies. They get so worn out. They also need extra water on those days so be sure to offer it to them when they get home. After we came inside everyone had 5 rounds of water before eating lunch! It is definitely getting hot. This leads me to my next point. Please bring sunscreen. We usually go through one tube at a time because it is easier. I have been using water babies and aveeno babies. If you have a specific brand that you have purchased for your child, please tell us so that we don’t use a different type on him/her. Just FYI, we lather before going out in the mornings and once before going out in the afternoons. The weather is supposed to cool off this week so that should give you all a chance to buy some if you can’t get to it this weekend. Once the weather gets unbearably hot, we will have shorter outings and more water play i.e. sprinklers and wading pool. There is just no way around it in Atlanta. I am not sure how to work out the details of what we will need (extra towels, etc). We are not starting the weekly laundry service just yet. I have not heard from everyone so I am waiting until I have more parents on board to try to organize this. We will be holding an info session towards the end of May. We have several children that will start to transfer out of the class into Primary. We want to give priority to friends and family so if you know someone that is interested, please let us know so we can mark their application as needed. Lastly, I’d like to schedule more observations. The best days for us to do them are on Mondays and Fridays. For the parents of the children coming two days a week, we can either have you bring your child on a Monday or Friday or we can discuss a different day of the week to do the observation. Please email me and let me know when you would like to come. I’ll do a first come first serve system so if your desired date is taken we will just keep trying to find a better date. Thanks, Ellie

Alon: He has been changing his clothes constantly lately. Jodi and I will go through his cubby to check and see of clothes are really dirty or if he was just ready for a wardrobe change. There may be a pair or two of shorts with a dirt mark in his cubby but we have been trying not to put them in his dirty bag if they aren’t truly dirty. As you already know, Alon is pretty much ready to start visiting primary. He is extremely independent these days. He is so busy in the classroom that I rarely give him lessons anymore. He is always in the middle of something and has been able to transfer a lot of his knowledge of the materials to the new materials I put out. I had given him a couple lessons on spooning and transferring and he just tears through those activities in the morning (I mean that in a good way). He shows a lot of concern for the maintenance of the room as well. He picks up after the younger children and will carry around materials that have been left out asking the other children if it was theirs. I know he had a rough couple weeks about a month ago but this is usually a sign that the child is about to have a developmental leap. Night waking is another sign of these advancements. He did really well with toileting this week. I saw him run to the toilet several times without informing me that he has to urinate. I can always tell that he has just gone to the bathroom because right afterwards he walks through the classroom adjusting his underwear and pants. He is also fiercely independent outdoors. He always has a shovel or some garden tool and is in the middle of a project. He absolutely loves to garden. I can tell you all include him in the gardening at home.

At home:

Alon wants to be where the work is.  He wants to “help mamma” or “Find papa, help papa”. He is active and if we do not get hime out of the house by 10:30 we are just asking for messes. He speaks in full, complete and well annunciated sentances “My pants are falling down”  ” Mama is washing her hair”.  He also comes up with pretty clever ways to use his relatively limeted vocabulary.

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