Posted by: CJ | February 17, 2010

Loving School

This morning was not a good morning.  On a good morning, I get up at 5:20, stretch, meditate, write a minute and have a cup of tea before a bleary eyed toddler makes his way out at 6:30. By that time, I am hydrated, caffeinated, and I have had a minute to myself.  I am happy to see him and we snuggle and nurse until he is awake.  This morning I got up with a toddler dragging me out of bed, demanding, “out mamma!”  Last nights dishes greeted me in the  kitchen.  Dehydrated and cranky.  I made coffee and hot cereal. By the time we got to school I was feeling like a bad, grumpy mamma.  Trying to think of something that would restore my sense of well-being before the workday.

Only Ellie and her daughter were in the class.  I chatted with Ellie and Brandi about cloth diapers. Alon put on his crocks and headed to work on a puzzle with Ellie’s daughter. Patiently they cooperated on the puzzle.  They decided to they wanted Laura bars.  Alon cut his first and then cut and gently placed pieces on the girl’s plate.  He didn’t try to take any of “her” pieces.  She waited while he muscled through the thick bars.  It was lovely. He was independent, engaged, polite, helpful, and useful.

I had been concerened about the afternoons.  I worried that it was too long and Alon might be just hanging around till I get there.  Ellie assured me that he sleeps till 4:30. Wakes, eats, and changes clothes and then just re-engages with the materials till I come.  My day is set straight just by knowing he is in a good place.

Being a working mom is a tremendous juggling act. Today I am thankful that school is working well.

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