Posted by: CJ | September 29, 2008


Oh what sand is! Papa took me to the Oakhurst Community Garden, which has a special play area just for kids! There was a cob house with bells inside, lots of toys, and a sandbox. I think the last time I saw sand was at the beach when I was much smaller. It was interesting, and went right into my mouth.

This time, though, I didn’t put it in my mouth, and instead had a lot of fun playing with it. Papa put me on the edge of the sandbox and I started playing with it with my foot, timidly at first. Then I got so interested I wanted to get down in it.Wow, what fun!

I grabbed the sand and let it fall out of my hand. I grabed it and grabed it. I threw it. I used the shovel to move it, and I watched Benjamin play in the sand too. How exciting!

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