Posted by: CJ | September 14, 2008

My first cold (and another tooth)

What a time. I have been pretty miserable lately so no time to blog. I didn’t know life could be so terrible. For the last eight and a half months I have just been having a great time. Bad times are when I have to whine to get Mom’s attention or maybe bump my head while crawling. But these last two days were terrible! Mom and Dad told me it was just a cold and that I have to stick it out, but wow, did things turn for the worst.

Luckily Mom could stay with me all the time on Friday, which was the worst day. Thursday was pretty bad (mostly at night, since I couldn’t sleep at all), but I woke up and played a lot. I was really confused by what was happening with my voice and throat. And the cough…that is the worst part!

Oh, and did I mention I am getting a new tooth? Number 7 is on its way…

Well, no one wants to see pictures of a sick baby, so check out me in my new duckie outfit (playing with the remote for the fan, one of my favorites).

Now that I’m finally feeling better, I will try to add more blog entries and get some of my recent videos included.

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