Posted by: CJ | August 28, 2008

Up, Upff, Momma

I can talk. Not just babble, but direct the world with words.  I say, “Up, Up Momma” and amazingly my mom picks me up off the ground or out of my high chair.  This is great.  I can’t wait to learn more words.

I have been practicing for about a week now, but today I got really clear and consistant about “up”.  I have a lot of opportunities to practice since I liked to be picked up a lot.

I am practicing other words also, like book.  Book is hard because I of the K. I can’t make that sound yet, so I just say “buh, buh”.  I am practicing a lot of words that Mom can’t understand.

I also pulled myself up to a standing position last week.    I also have started getting up on all fours.  I still crawl with my belly on the ground.

Mom has taken me swimming a lot this week.  I love the pool. When we pull into the YMCA, I get very excited because I know we are going swimming.  The YMCA has a great area for babies that slopes down from 0  to about 2 feet.  I can play all by myself in just a few inches of water.  I am smart about the water.  I like to explore and test my body, but I don’t do things that are silly like try and crawl too deep.  Mom likes to stretch while I play with a ball or meet other babies.  Sometimes we meet our friends at the pool.


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